Contact Cu (Au, Mo)

Under-explored and easy access

The Contact target area is a 7 km long copper-gold-molybdenum geochemically anomalous area within the vicinity of multiple interpreted shallow intrusions as infered from geophysics. It includes a high chargeability anomaly close to Falcon over diorite and layered diorite with coincident K-feldspar-magnetite±sericite alteration, and anomalous Cu in rocks and soils.

This first map shows Cu levels in soil plotted over TMI_RTP magnetics image.


High chargeability (>40) at Contact is similar to that measured over Falcon.

The smaller survey focused on the Falcon area was carried out in 2007 and the larger survey which exposed the Contact chargeability target was carried out in 2011.  Both are shown on this map over the top of the magnetics shown in the previous map.

Rock Sampling

Sampled outcrop is anomalous in copper.

Although the Contact area includes till cover, there is also a fair amount of outcrop. Rock sampling to date has not systematically covered the region of the chargeability anomaly.